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Copyrighted works: The original text of the historical narrative which includes: individual library listings, information on Andrew Carnegie (Andrew Carnegie 1835-1919), Carnegie Grants, California Grants (California and the Carnegie Program, 1899-1921), Past Expansion (Additions and Changes to California Carnegie Libraries), Future Changes (California Carnegie Libraries at the end of the Twentieth Century), By Architect (who built the libraries), as well as the descriptions of the various architectural styles, in the Site, are the work of Lucy Kortum, used with permission here. The original text of the History of the Carnegie Libraries is the work of Dr. George S. Bobinski, used with permission here. The original text of the Styles: Carnegie Library Architecture is the work of Dr. Abigail A. Van Slyck, used with permission here. All other texts are the work of Pat & Bernie Skehan. All color images are the copyrighted work of Pat & Bernie Skehan. Black & white images are used with permission by the source credited.

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