Gridley, Butte County

Sacramento Valley area, Shasta Cascade region

Carnegie Library Building
519 Kentucky Street
Gridley, CA 95966

opened 1916
Gridley Public Library 1916-1983
currently a private office

grant amount: $7,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type C)
architect: Chester Cole

Located near both the downtown area and a large city park, at the corner of Sycamore and Kentucky streets, the old Gridley Carnegie Library building long stood vacant. However the interior has recently been substantially renovated and it is now the office of a firm of certified public accountants. Basically Classical Revival in Style, the building incorporates a variety of themes. It served as library until the county built a new library in Gridley in 1983.

Several years of effort by the Ladies' Improvement Club resulted in a $7000 Carnegie grant in 1913. The Club placed an advertisement for plans "to be constructed of concrete or pressed brick. Building not to exceed $7000" while they donated the lot valued at $3750 and later $1500 for furnishings. Chester Cole of Chico designed the building; builders were Welch Bros. and Hannemann.

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