courtesy of Hayward Area Historical Society

Hayward, Alameda County

East Bay Loop area, San Francisco Bay Area region

opened 1906
Public library from 1906-1948
demolished, 1949

grant amount: $10,000
architectural style: Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival
architect: Stone & Smith

Hayward's library history included a 1867 Good Templars Society library and a public reading room and library in 1892, 1896 and 1898, before the then city of "Haywards" provided library funding in 1901; all were housed in temporary quarters. In 1903 the Ladies Improvement Club led the campaign for a Carnegie building. A grant of $10,000 was received. The cornerstone was laid in 1905. The building was completed for $9,650. The sometimes listed figure of a $11,750 grant includes $1,750 provided later for earthquake repair, following the1906 San Francisco earthquake. In addition to the Spanish Revival Hayward Carnegie, architects Smith and Stone of San Francisco designed the 1905 Romanesque Carnegie in Chico, and the 1906 Classical Revival library in Colusa. The builder was L.A. Simmons. Area construction necessitated the closing of the Hayward Carnegie in 1948 and its ultimate destruction in 1949. Funds from sale of the library property helped fund the new library on Plaza Square.

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