Antioch, Contra Costa County

San Francisco Bay/Delta/Sacramento area, San Francisco Bay Area region

Faith and Family Church
519 F Street
Antioch, CA 94509

opened 1916
Antioch Branch Library 1916-1967
currently the Faith and Family Church

grant amount: $2,500
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type C)
architect: Francis Reid

The oldest town in Contra Costa County, Antioch is located near the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers in an area of now fast growing Bay Area communities along Highway 4 to Stockton. It was a very small town when it received its $2500 Carnegie grant, one of the three smallest California Carnegie grants. The stucco building, at the corner of Sixth and F streets, is an example of Classical Revival elements applied to a small public building in a mostly residential area.

Antioch's first reading room dates from 1867. In 1912 a letter from the Antioch Women's Club spurred a visit by library organizer Harriet Eddy, and in 1913 a county library was established which then sought a Carnegie grant for branches in Antioch, Concord, and Walnut Creek. A grant of $7500 was received for the three. Antioch itself raised $800 for the lot, and later $329.50 for additional costs, by public subscription. Frances Reid designed the building. Following its years as a library, the Carnegie has housed the Senior Citizens Center, City Recreation Department, and Antioch Historical Center.

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