East San Diego
courtesy of San Diego Public Library

East San Diego, San Diego County

San Diego to Imperial Valley area, San Diego County region

opened 1918
Public library from 1918-1964
demolished, 1964

grant amount: $10,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type A)
architect: Theodore Kistner

At the time of its Carnegie application, East San Diego was an incorporated city separate from San Diego; it had no library prior to organizing for its Carnegie. In 1914 representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, School Board, Ministerial Association, Progress and Prosperity Club, Teralta Club, Fortnightly Club, and Pastime and Pleasure Club began working together in behalf of a library, with leadership from the Progress and Prosperity Club. As East San Diego did not appear on the 1910 census, claims for population were hard to substantiate and the estimation of 5500 was a matter of contention in the correspondence with Carnegie Secretary James Bertram. A grant of $10,000 was received in June 1915. A lot was purchased by public subscription for $1,500 and architect Theodore Kistner, who had designed the Chula Vista Carnegie, was engaged to design the building which was completed in 1918. The East San Diego Public Library was an example of Classical Revival style of architecture. It became a branch library when East San Diego was annexed to San Diego. The building was demolished in 1964 and a new library opened later that same year.

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