courtesy of Local History Collection, Orange Public Library

Orange, Orange County

Orange County area, Orange County region

opened 1908
Public library from 1908-1960
demolished, 1961

grant amount: $10,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type B)
architect: Cornelius Bradshaw

Orange's library history dated from 1885, three years before the town's incorporation, when postmaster Robert Tener donated 300 books to start a library, housed in a hotel and later in a commercial block. That library was apparently continuous. In 1906 application was made for Carnegie funding and $10,000 was granted March 9, 1907. The library was designed by C. B. Bradshaw, a local architect, in the Classical Revival style. The contractor, George Christenson, was also local. A small addition was necessary in 1930; the building was replaced in 1960 by a new building on the same site.

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