Boyle Heights
courtesy of Security Pacific Collection, Los Angeles Public Library

Los Angeles/Boyle Heights, Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County area, Los Angeles County region

opened 1916
Public library from 1916-1974
demolished, 1974

grant amount: $35,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type C)
architect: W. J. Dodd

The Boyle Heights branch was the fourth of six Los Angeles branch libraries constructed between 1913 and 1916 with a $210,000 Carnegie grant obtained in 1911 and designated for branches. All but one included a basement assembly room and an outdoor reading area. The architect, W.J. Dodd, designed the building in the Classical Revival style. The Boyle Heights branch began with library groups established in 1891, which later became the Boyle Heights Library Association in 1899. During the 1920's the library began to focus on a wide variety of ethnic literature for its changing population of constituents. In the late 1920's the name of the building was changed to Benjamin Franklin branch to conform with the Board of Library Commissioners' naming policy. The building was demolished in 1974.

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