San Bernardinoi
courtesy of Security Pacific Collection, Los Angeles Public Library

San Bernardino, San Bernardino County

Inland Empire area, Inland Empire region

opened 1904
Public library from 1904-1957
demolished, 1958

grant amount: $20,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type A)
architect: Burnham & Bliesner

San Bernardino was incorporated in 1869 and efforts to establish a library continued intermittently until the 1900s. A $20,000 grant was offered by Carnegie in 1902. An architectural competition was held, in which plans submitted by architects were displayed so that citizens could vote. Architects Burnham and Bliesner won the competition with plans for a Classical Revival style building. The library was opened August 10, 1904. In 1920, on the condition that the city match the contribution, the Carnegie Corporation provided an additional $7,600 for an addition, and the city passed a $10,000 bond issue. In 1957 the building was declared unsafe; in 1958 it was demolished, and replaced by a new library completed in 1960.

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