Vacaville, Solano County

San Francisco Bay/Delta/Sacramento area, Central Valley region

Chamber of Commerce
300 Main Street
Vacaville, CA 95688

opened 1915
Vacaville Carnegie Library 1915-1970
currently Chamber of Commerce/Community Room

grant amount: $12,500
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type B)
architect: L. M. Turton

Architecturally unique in Vacaville, the Classical Revival old Carnegie building is located between the historic downtown and an older residential district. Vacaville is one of the fastest growing communities in the Bay area, but has tried to emphasize the remaining core of its old downtown. The Carnegie has been given new life by the Vacaville Redevelopment Agency with extensive renovation and a long term lease to the Chamber of Commerce.

Vacaville's library history began with an 1880's reading room established by the WCTU. In 1905 the Women's Improvement Club and Ulatis Book Club applied for Carnegie funding, but the city did not proceed with the legal steps for library organization. After the 1911 passage of state legislation permitting a wider library tax base through a high school district, the Vacaville Unified School District Library District was organized in 1912. Again Carnegie funding was requested and $12,500 was granted. Local contractor George Sharpe is usually credited as designer and builder, but one source credits "Turton of Napa." When the library moved to a larger building next to City Hall the building was sold. It had brief celebrity as a restaurant called "The Library" in one of its several reincarnations. Later it was recognized as a significant contributor to the Main Street Historic District and acquired by the Vacaville Redevelopment Agency. Now Chamber of Commerce offices occupy the basement while the upstairs main library room, dedicated to late Chamber and community leader Glenn Miller, is available for receptions and meetings.

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