courtesy of Gainsborough Studio, Tulare, California

Tulare, Tulare County

San Joaquin Valley/South area, Central Valley region

opened 1905
Public library from 1905-1963
demolished, c. 1970

grant amount: $10,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type A)
architect: Mathewson

Incorporated in 1888, Tulare had had a library for at least ten years, located in a building provided by the Southern Pacific Railroad. That building still stands in its later role as the Tulare Women's Clubhouse and a senior citizen center. In 1891 the library became a free public library. Carnegie funding was sought and $10,000 was granted December 30, 1904. A public campaign for funds to purchase a lot was oversubscribed by $140. The building was designed by architect Mathewson of Fresno, in the Classical Revival style. The builder was T.E. Everett. Tulare dedicated its Carnegie on October 17, 1905, before an "immense gathering." In 1910 Tulare county was among those counties to organize under the first county library legislation, passed in 1909. Tulare built a new library in 1962, and that building has since been replaced by another new library. Meanwhile the city sold the Carnegie building for $14,000 to a private party for a child care center. The building was demolished in 1970.

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