Oakdale, Stanislaus County

San Joaquin Valley/North area, Central Valley region

Carnegie Building
315 F Street
Oakdale, CA 95361

opened 1917
Oakdale Library from 1917-1974
currently a private office

grant amount: $7,000
architectural style: Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival
architect: Hugh Y. Davis

Oakdale was established when early landowners provided a right of way and land for the Stockton and Visalia Railroad in 1872; it became an excursion destination where visitors from valley towns strolled through the oak groves and along the canals. Today travelers pass through Oakdale as they hurry to Yosemite, Stanislaus River, or the Sierra on highways 108 and 120. The trim stucco old Carnegie library, Mission Revival with Classical elements, is now used for offices. It is located a block from the main intersection at F and Yosemite streets, at the southwest corner of F and Church streets.

The Shakespeare Club began a subscription library in Oakdale in 1901 but efforts of the Women's Club to seek Carnegie funding were rebuffed by the city trustees; some opposed "tainted money" and others thought the library "an extravagance." In 1912 Oakdale became part of the new Stanislaus county library system which applied for grants for several branches. A grant of $7000 was received in 1916, and the women donated the lot. Hugh Y. Davis designed the building. When the library moved to new quarters in 1974, the building was sold and since then has housed a number of professional and commercial enterprises.

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