courtesy of Pajaro Valley Historical Association

Watsonville, Santa Cruz County

Monterey to San Francisco area, Central Coast region

opened 1905
Public library from 1905-1975
demolished, 1975

grant amount: $12,000
architectural style: Classical Revival (Type A)
architect: W. H. Weeks

Watsonville had grown in population from 398 in 1860 to 2,252 in 1870; meanwhile the first Library Association was formed in 1862 and the town incorporated in 1868. Other libraries followed; 1871 Pajaro Valley Benevolent Association, 1873 Odd Fellows, 1881 WCTU. None, however, achieved a permanent location nor did the city provide one when in 1896 it united all the collections. Carnegie funding of $10,000 was promised in April, 1903, and was increased to $12,000 in 1904. The sum of $2,000 was raised from citizens for the purchase of a lot. The architect, William H. Weeks of Watsonville, designed the building in the Classical Revival style. Granite Rock Company bid $11,290 to construct the building. The cornerstone was laid on February 11, 1905, and the building was completed October 12, 1905. The building was demolished in 1975.

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